SPINNAKER is a complex thrilling romance novel of adoring and endless love. The novel is an intriguing mystery adding drama, fantasy, and suspense while intertwining espionage within the characters’ lives. Chapter after chapter you will join in on incredible and bizarre turn of events and follow a passionate love affair, with grim details of torture, murder, and revenge.

The story unfolds in occupied war-torn Germany, 1943; in the small town of Aurich in Northwest Germany. Twenty-one-year-old Karl Schellenberg is piloting a US Army Air Force lead scout aircraft ahead of an initial wave of B17 bombers. His plane suffers a catastrophic mechanical failure. Karl ejects, then falls helplessly to the ground following the failure of his parachute. The story begins to unfold. The plot takes many unexpected twists and turns with unpredictable suspense and turmoil.

Katarina Keitel, a beautiful young German farm girl; the daughter of a German officer who stands against Hitler and the Third Reich; discovers the near death, battered, and broken body of an American soldier. She hides him and nurtures him back to health. Karl heals, their kind-heartedness and friendship become more, and ultimately, they fall deeply and passionately in love. As their love grows deeper, Karl becomes entangled in a bitter sibling rivalry with Katarina’s toxic brother, a Nazi SS officer. Their love and their journey together unfold with joyful surprises coupled with bone chilling and harrowing twists.

The Author's imagination reveals suspense and espionage through eerie events changing the paths of young Karl and Katarina’s lives forever. The surprising turn of events will keep you infectiously engaged to see where and how the story ends. Seeking to create a great balance of genre, multiple plots are braided into one compelling story. This is a page turner as the suspense continues. The reader finds themselves feeling and living the characters, unable to put this novel down.

The novel often takes the reader back to normalcy, before capturing them with more unexpected events. The ending will leave the reader with questions, astonishment, and disbelief. They will be literally taken back. A novel unlike any other, one soon not to forget.

This compelling and thrilling romance novel has it all, adoring and passionate love that weaves fiction and fact in an adventurous intriguing mystery filled with suspense and eerie surprises. SPINNAKER is bursting with action and deception supported by a cast of very diverse characters.